Class picture of children and teachers outdoors.

Welcome to Little Way Montessori School

Our program

Little Way is a Montessori program in Plymouth, Indiana, opened in August 2019; serving children of preschool and kindergarten age (2.5-6 years old), with a Montessori early childhood certified lead teacher. Interested? Let us know.

Happily focused child spooning corn from one ceramic bowl to another.Our mission

Education for the whole child: supporting the natural growth of every child, with compassion and respect, grounded in careful observation and thoughtful preparation, committed to faithfulness in all things, big or little.

Our inspiration

Although we are a secular program, the name “Little Way” comes from the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux,St. Therese stained glass window. who believed in meeting each moment, each ordinary task and everyday routine, each encounter with another person, with simple trust, acceptance, and love. No pursuit of lofty goals can be an excuse to neglect the little things of life along the way. Even the most mundane activities can be expressions of love, and are worthy of our full attention and careful effort.

In the same way even the littlest people, whether little in age or status or anything else, are worthy of our full attention, careful effort, and love. Their work, and our work with and for them, carries dignity. We recognize our own littleness, our finitude and imperfection, and model self-acceptance and the acceptance of life as it actually is.