Summer preparations have begun

It’s transition time in more ways than one.

The main thing, of course, is that the school year is over for local schools (including my daughter’s) and Chesterton Montessori where I have been working. The Boys and Girls Club and the local Taekwondo school have switched to summer programming, the local pool is open, and other summer activities have begun or are preparing to begin.

There’s been a more personal transition as well: my family has moved to a little house in town quite close to the school. There are still boxes piled in places, and a mattress in the living room while we paint my daughter’s room, but our bookshelves are stocked, the couch and kitchen table are accessible, and I can even practice the organ, although there’s something weird going on with the pedal controls that I’ll have to look into once other things are more settled.

Boxes and other items piled in the old garage ready to load for moving.
The pallet holds several boxes from the shipment of Little Way Montessori’s curricular materials; most had already been loaded on the truck.

Among the piles of boxes are our curricular materials! I’m slowly moving them over to a storage room in the church, both the new things I’ve ordered and the other things I’ve collected over the years. Just yesterday, my last at Chesterton, the director loaned me a bead cabinet, a beautiful housing for the squaring and cubing chains of colored beads for linear counting work. I’ve also taken a peek into two of the new boxes, finding in one the stand that will display our dressing frames and in another the perfectly crafted set of red rods, their uniform color and sheen calling attention to the precise differentiation of lengths.

Soon I’ll be back in my friend’s wood shop building the remaining shelves, tables, and chairs for the classroom.

There is still room for your children to enroll! I would love to meet with you to talk about what Montessori offers and to show you the space we’ll be renting, the first models of the furnishings, and some of the curricular materials.