Marcy Prochaska

Marcy standing next to the school sign.Director / lead teacher

Montessori Certified for ages 3-6 by the Center for Guided Montessori Studies.

I learned about Montessori education when I worked in the summer extended care program at Richmond Montessori School in Virginia. I was captivated by the peaceful, orderly, inviting environment where children were free to work comfortably with activities they chose. When my daughter got to preschool age, the closest Montessori school was an hour’s drive away. We made it work for the three years of the early childhood program; at the time it was more practical to commute than to try to get the training and start a local program.

In the spring of 2017 circumstances allowed me to enroll in CGMS’s early childhood training, which I completed in January 2019. The program included a 120-hr summer residency at Community Montessori in New Albany, IN, a year’s supervised internship at Marquette Primary Montessori Academy in South Bend (a magnet program of South Bend Schools), and eight modules of distance learning through video lectures and demonstrations, practicum assignments, papers and presentations, forum discussions, and video chats. The program is MACTE accredited.

During the 2018-2019 school year I worked as an early childhood assistant at Chesterton Montessori School, with additional responsibility for a small group of full day students in the afternoons.

Besides Montessori, my interests and activities include music (singing, playing the pipe organ and hammered dulcimer), theology and spiritual practice, friends, and family (including the cat).

Taylor Dowdle

7913637C-F2DD-4E8A-ACBF-CE95EEACF598_1_201_aTeaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Taylor Dowdle! I graduated from Argos this past year and now I attend IUPUI in Indianapolis. I am majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Health Psychology. Due to COVID, I am taking online courses which allows me to help teach your kids! I come from a large family and I am one of the oldest so I have grown up surrounded by younger children. I help in the nursery at my church as well as babysitting on multiple different occasions. I helped coach elementary girls’ soccer and I loved every second of it, as soccer is one of my biggest passions. I also stayed after school to tutor younger students as a part of National Honor Society. I hope my knowledge and experience with kids enables me to be the best help I can be in the classroom!